Are we Condemned to Eternal Dumbnation?

It seems that, after a couple of generations of “dumbing down” by corporate controlled news media, advertising agencies, Saturday morning cartoons, and our own willingness to allow the proverbial someone else to think for us as we spend our time watching sitcoms or jetting off to a warm, winter destination to make hats out of Budweiser cans, we are finally and terminally dumb. We saw it coming after America twice elected George W. Bush to a position described by some as the most powerful in the world. But we simply pitied America. Most of us were convinced after America suffered a major terrorist action on its own soil and the most powerful individual in the world countered by exhorting everyone to go shopping. But, as complaisant Canadians, we eventually followed suit and elected Steven Harper (not to say that Steven Harper is other than very intelligent, he is, dangerously so).

Now we’re screwed. Our “leaders” spend their energies (and our resources) funnelling our money into the accounts of the filthy rich in our country and elsewhere. They silence, defund, or get rid of scientists and any other academics that might make a positive difference in mitigating the perfect storm of crises which threatens the Earth’s biosphere and the survival of the human species. They discourage independent thought and attack dissent, verbally and often physically. They encourage the destruction of the resources upon which our survival rests and they excise from the laws of the land anything that would prevent such destruction.

So now, as a species we are facing the need to be super objective and make decisions as important as any could ever be. And all this within a critically tight time frame and while fighting a global pandemic of dumbnity. We are collectively and severely brain injured. I go to bed half-hoping that I will awake to find that one of those smart-ass fifth graders that seem to always cause the big people to come up short on any question more difficult than “What is your name?” has led a coup in Ottawa during the night. But so far . . . no such luck.

Anybody know where I can get a pickup load of empty Budweiser cans? Oh, I forgot, I could buy them full and empty them myself . . . Doh!

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