Blissful or Wilful, Ignorance is Dangerous

In most, if not all, civil nations there is a law under which people can be convicted for “Failing to provide the necessities of life” or something very like it. Prosecutions under such a law would often be against those whom the law saw as responsible for human beings such as babies, disabled persons and the elderly who are not capable of providing for themselves.

What perverse logic demands, under penalty of law, that we provide for a minority of compromised individuals who currently live in our society, something that would be done in most cases without question; but demands nothing of those in positions of responsibility who willingly refuse to make provisions for the continuance of the necessities of life for our entire species in the not-too-distant future? The making of profits by those who need them not one whit now takes precedence over efforts to protect the biosphere and the people who live in inter-dependence with it. And why? Because those wealthy investors and the public figures they control with that wealth preach the insane gospel of eternal growth to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else and everything on Earth outside their castle gates.

As the realization that this destructive and unsustainable way of life cannot continue slowly spreads through the populace, all recourse to make change is being removed by the political puppets in order to prevent legal challenges to their corporate masters. Failing removal of the cancerous corporate/political elements now prevalent in the industrialized world, I see only two possible outcomes of this situation in the medium to long term; species suicide through acquiescence, or armed revolution.

In Canada, our government has taken our country from being a respected supporter and keeper of peace to an ugly collaborator in war-making. Efforts now being carried on to build and maintain the Canadian military are those of an aggressor and could easily be turned on previously friendly nations or even Canadian citizens if those in power detected dissent beyond the instantly adjustable boundaries they were willing to allow.

As this is written, those corporate/political elements within Canada are signing treaties and enacting laws in private and without debate to enlist the governments and business interests of foreign nations if required in a fight against the Canadian people and their country. Democracy, justice, sovereignty and common decency have been sold for a few years of profit for the already filthy rich.

Lies, half-truths, hidden agendas and secrecy are now the norm in government and corporate-owned news media and the majority of people still seem to be blissfully and wilfully ignorant of what is going on in their country or the wider world. We may already have passed the point of no return with some of the positive feedback loops of climate change and a number of the indicators are triggering earlier and with greater effect than predicted by any of the computer models. While no single weather event can be positively attributed to climate change, it makes sense to open the discussion in order to have people thinking about what lifestyle changes might be required. If any more proof of wilful ignorance is required, think about the two points below:

– one survey showed that in 94 US news stories about Hurricane Sandy prior to its making landfall, exactly zero mentioned climate change or even extreme weather

– in all the flash-and-dash, thunder-and-lightning of the US presidential debates and speeches, climate change was never mentioned by either camp nor the debate moderators

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