Collision With a Slow Moving Asteroid

I just watched an end-of-the-world movie. This particular one was an asteroid collision with a few weeks notice. Suicides,  a love interest, atonement, riots, orgies, all the usual things that happen just before the world ends. There were also references to keeping the status quo including the news anchor signing off a few hours before impact and reminding the audience to turn their clocks back as daylight saving time was ending.

Then, the movie ended with a flashbang and it was back to reality and the slow-mo version of the apocalypse with an ending that could be every bit as catastrophic but spread over generations of human suffering instead of weeks of debauchery.

If, instead of climate change we were facing an asteroid collision, discovered but not yet publicized,  would governments and corporate owned media be trying to silence scientists and covering up the impending disaster so another trade agreement could be signed, investors could be given a window in which to adjust their portfolios and environmental laws could be revoked so that mining stocks would jump . . . and would the markets stay open late on doomsday to optimize profits?

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