Message from an Irrelevant Citizen to his Equally Irrelevant Government

Below is a piece of writing I sent out into the vacuum of Big Government Cyberspace one night in response to one of those incredibly earnest entreaties to “Write your MP while there is still time”. I weighed the relative merit of playing one more game of Freecell before going to bed against that of saving my country so that my great grandchildren might survive to grow as old and be as pissed off as I am and decided to “JUST DO IT”. If my elected officials (who, with one exception I consider to be irrelevant) don’t listen to me (who they definitely consider to be irrelevant), the missed game of Solitaire isn’t that big a loss anyway.


I am writing to voice my opposition to the ratification of the Foreign
Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) between Canada and
China. This treaty, and indeed all international agreements entered into
by government which limit future options for the citizens of Canada
requires full disclosure and debate in order for it to be legitimate,
regardless of legalities and the ideologies of the government of the

As a result of these so-called “Trade Agreements” already entered into,
Canada has been made into just another mindless (and helpless) pawn in
the re-making of our global society into an instrument of extreme
injustice. This is much more than an injustice between people of
different circumstances and locations, this is an assault on our very
home, Earth. The global “Status Quo” economy of growth/consumption/waste
has resulted in massive over-population and the degradation of the
biosphere to a level that may already be irreversible . . . but we still
have to try.

If we wish to have our species survive long enough for the seventh
generation to experience life on Earth, a minimum start will be to scale
down fossil fuel use to essentially zero within the lifetime of those
now living and the cavalier attitude of both governments and corporate
structures must turn around 180 degrees immediately. More “Trade
Agreements”, more “Growth” and more “Status Quo” will seal the doom of
our species as surely as it is sealing the doom of a multitude of other
species even as you read this.

It is well documented that the building, operation and maintenance of
infrastructure to transition Canada away from fossil fuels and into the
future (where fossil fuels will obviously not be available at any cost)
would provide far more and better jobs for Canadians than any growth or
continuance of fossil fuel extraction, processing, transport and use.
This factor, as well as the environmental and social costs and benefits
must be brought into the discussion for a proper understanding of the

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