Tricks, Lies & Powerpoint Slides

An explanation of why information regarding the scope and pace of Anthropogenic (human caused) Climate Change is being withheld and “softened” at every level – Academic, Corporate, Governmental and Journalistic.

Pour yourself a coffee (it’s almost an hour long), you may want something stronger by the time the lecture is finished.

So here is what the “most powerful person in the world” thinks about that:

“I think the American people right now have been so focused, and will continue to be focused on our economy and jobs and growth, that if the message is somehow we’re going to ignore jobs and growth simply to address climate change, I don’t think anybody is going to go for that. I won’t go for that.” – Barack Obama at 1st 2012 post-election press conference.

Apparently, despite opinions to the contrary, the US President is simply another guy that “doesn’t get it”. Creating the almighty jobs is “simply to address the need for more votes” because, if climate change is ignored no one will have or want a job – continuing to exist will be the primary need for future generations.

The even more almighty growth is, of course, the root of the climate change crisis and all the other factors which are lining up to cause the extinction of the human species. So, ignore climate change and work to destroy the Earth and humankind, not at your peril but at the peril of every scrap of life on the planet – the votes will keep on coming until they don’t, that will be how you know it’s time to assume the position – “crash position” that is.

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