Some Things are Broken Beyond Repair

. . . this article from The Tyee shows why BC’s electoral/political/governance system is one of them (Hint: Canada’s is another).

BC NDP election review examines ‘disastrous impact’ of positive campaign

While many well-intentioned people such as Stephen Lewis, Stéphane Dion, Elizabeth May and many others have worked, and continue to work to effect change from within the political system of our country, I believe these efforts are yet another case of “Too little, too late”. A very good explanation of why we cannot control the complex systems that we encounter (both natural and man-made) can be found in Thomas Homer-Dixon’s book “The Ingenuity Gap“.

Since our broken political systems are of our own making, we have the ability to remove and replace them with up-to-date ones carefully designed to meet the challenges of current reality. However, in order to do this we would have to break the bond between the existing systems and the actual sources of power within our societies. In the past, this has meant all-out revolution and has resulted in the fall of the Empires of the time. Perhaps this is the only way to effect change of this magnitude . . . but perhaps there could be other ways.

If in fact, there is no other way than violent revolution, and if every political party finds it necessary to do the kind of negative advertising and campaigning the NDP tried to stay away from in May 2013, I will join the half of the citizens who do not participate in any way, including by casting a ballot. I will not do this out of apathy but out of a deep contempt for those to whom this negativism appeals and a conviction that it would be wrong to support any system of governance on their behalf.

There are other places to put your energies and the power of your mind to think, form opinions and campaign for change. A start would be any movement that seeks to overthrow and replace the existing systems of economics, governance and trade. For this reason, I for one am hoping I see a catastrophic and complete breakdown of these systems while I am still alive. I would live through any hardship created with a huge smile on my face, knowing that a start had been made on a better world for my descentdents. In the meantime the creative thinkers among us must continue to work on the much better alternatives that can emerge as we are, as Gwynne Dyer says,
Crawling from the Wreakage“.

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