RIP van Winkle and Friends Awaken to Global Climate Change

Apparently this winter’s worldwide, and extreme weather events have finally awakened some people with the power to be heard. US Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech in Jakarta finally says it as it is, climate change is “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction” (WMD).

At home in the US and also in the UK, the story seems to have been picked up by journalists who, after revelling with Rip van Winkle, have been asleep for 20 years and missed out on the unfolding of the biggest crisis ever to confront the human species. For the dedicated journalists at The Chicago Tribune and the The Daily Mail this must be a real bummer. Hopefully they will now do some reading and catch up on what the scientists have discovered while they were sleeping it off.

President Obama (POTUS) is in the position of having to do an end run around the US Congress which is deadlocked between the scientifically literate on the one [left] hand and the Flat Earth Society (FES) on the other. It will take some tricky maneuvering to outflank the FES as they have the financial support of corporate America and the advertising strength of the mainline media empires but one would hope that the POTUS has some influence in the strange and complex system that is US politics and that a start can now be made on defusing the WMD.

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