It’s no wonder Vince Ready walked away

Take a close look at these two tweets from Premier Clark about negotiations with the teachers as she sees them:

1/2 We remain committed to negotiating a fair deal with the BCTF as soon as possible, but it has to be affordable for taxpayers.

2/2 We want a deal that gives teachers a raise and invests in classrooms, but it must also be in line with settlements for other unions.

In the first, she sets herself up as judge-and-jury of fairness and affordability; that sounds a bit like Vladimir Putin judging what is best for Ukrainians. In the second she says that a deal with the teachers “must also be in line with settlements for other unions” – which other unions represent members who are responsible for children’s education and future?

For me another telling clue to the depth of difference between Christy Clark’s society and mine is her use of the word “invest” when talking about children, their education and their future. Thankfully, my world is not about deals, money, investment and standard-of-living; it is about learning, sharing, cooperating and quality-of-life. I hope this is true for the majority of parents and look forward to the day it becomes true for politicians.

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