As we journey through our individual, earthly lives, our experiences and various circumstances mould the way we view the world around us and the people who populate that world. Our place of birth, our up-bringing, education, occupation and spirituality all affect our Worldview as does our level of maturity.

There is no “right” or “wrong” Worldview although some very similar types are common while others are less so, even to the point of being unique. Many people actively pursue a goal of forming a Worldview which conforms to that of the majority of the people around them, others do just the opposite. Some find comfort in conformity, others boredom. Our individual Worldviews affect every aspect of our lives and result in choices of who we commune with, how we vote, what we eat, our chosen vocations, what we do for recreation, our level of religious activity, our partners, whether we are aggressive or passive, conciliatory or ideological, pragmatic or idealistic.

People with divergent worldviews often have great difficulty understanding each other’s opinions as they are formed essentially by people who perceive that they live in different worlds and therefore have little or no common experience. We can no more understand the vision of a person with a a very different worldview than we could find common ground with a visitor from another solar system.

Posts on this page will be about differences of perception, how they adversely affect our ability to co-operate and manage the complexities of 21st century life and how understanding this aspect of humanity could give us the opportunity we need to achieve the massive re-make of our institutions and societies to create A New Humanity.

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